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By the Cabin

Relax and Leave The Sailing To The Experts!

Over the past few years, demand for what are called Stateroom Charters in the U.S., and By The Cabin Charters in Europe have become enormously popular. Whichever name you choose (in Australia we prefer ‘By the Cabin’), this option could be the ideal sailing vacation for people who don’t yet have the skills to bare boat charter, who simply want to relax, or others who want to experience life aboard a crewed luxury yacht, but can’t justify the cost. Sound like it could be for you? Here is how it works. You rent a cabin, just as you would on a cruise ship. But Instead of a thousand new best friends, you’ll be among just a handful, while the professional crew manages all aspects of the yacht, and a chef prepares all the meals. These charters are both memorable and affordable.

Imagine cruising the stunning Whitsundays, leaving the work to the professionals, while you just sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful surrounds.

On our listed crewed yachts, you will experience a unique vacation and explore pristine beaches, reefs teeming with sea life, as well as splendid anchorages and bays.

Clare is our experienced Charter Consultant. She has lived on Hamilton Island and the Whitsundays for many years. After doing a lot of travelling and sailing around the world, the Whitsundays is still her favourite holiday destination!  She loves sailing in the Whitsundays and can help you plan the sailing holiday to suit your needs (and dreams!). Contact Clare 7 days per week to discuss your Whitsunday Sailing adventure.

Sydney Sundancer

Australia's most awarded charter yacht

A magnificent micro expedition ship, built to enable discerning explorers to visit remote and remarkable locations in the utmost comfort. Although licenced to carry 50 day passengers, friendly owner hosts Lynne & John Boyce accept maximum 8 (live aboard) thus enabling them to personally introduce their guests to the wonders of nature, above & below the water


Luxury sailing yacht

Luxury sailing yacht Bliss now offers 2 night scheduled cruises or luxury private charters cruising through the beautiful Whitsundays!


Blizzard is a Beneteau 50 luxury sailing yacht ready for 2 day cruises or private charter for your Whitsundays Sailing adventure.

On Ice/Entice Catamarans

On Ice/Entice are Bahia 46 luxury sports Catamarans that are based in the Whitsundays and are available for either private charter or for 2 night scheduled 'by the cabin' cruises.

Ride to Paradise

The Ride to Paradise Package includes 2 nights in an exclusive resort plus 2 days travelling around the Whitsundays on a fast Catamaran!

Whitsunday Blue

One of the finest ways to discover this Whitsunday paradise is aboard the stylish fully air-conditioned sailing catamaran Whitsunday Blue. This quality 41 foot "Lagoon" Catamaran was designed for a luxury stable sailing experience.

Whitsunday Getaway

Sail the Whitsundays on board this late model stylish air-conditioned catamaran, perfect for discerning guests who are looking for a little bit more. Designed to accommodate four couples in private ensuite cabins, the stability of a catamaran means you can relax and unwind in comfort.