NISI day charter


What some of our valued clients have to say about Whitsunday Holidays:

Hi Clare, Oh my gosh - we had the most amazing day! Thank you so very much!!! NISI was absolutely perfect for our group including all of the children. The boat was very spacious and we adored everything about it. The crew were so wonderful & the chef was outstanding. I think the food was by far the best we had on our entire holiday. It was the highlight of our trip and we didn't want the day on NISI to end. Would thoroughly recommend NISI to anyone. Appreciate all of your help in booking this all in for us.

NISI day charter

27th September 2021

Hi Clare,We had the most amazing day on Lady Pamela.  As you know, it was a surprise for my husband’s birthday and he could not believe it when we stopped at Lady Pamela.  She is such a beautiful boat.  Sam and the crew were above and beyond.  They made sure we were comfortable and the champagne glasses were never empty all afternoon.  I highly recommend an afternoon on Lady Pamela.  We will be treating ourselves again!

Lady Pamela day charter

31st August 2021

Good morning Clare -  Thank you so much for organising the yacht for us. Appreciate it. We had the best time on NISI - looking forward to re-booking in the near future - maybe do an all night one.  The crew were absolutely amazing and the best fruit platter we have ever seen! Please thank the crew and owner on our behalf - made our trip. 

Nisi day charter

26th August 2021

We all had a wonderful time on the boat, it was amazing.  The crew were so lovely and helpful which made our trip so much more enjoyable. 

The Cove

24th June 2021

Hi Clare. It was absolutely amazing and my hubby absolutely went crazy. It was perfect in every way and we will be doing it again for sure. 


10th March 2021

Hi Clare,I just wanted to give some feedback on our day out with Blizzard on 17th January. I give it 11/10! We were so happy with every single element of the day and I couldn't recommend them highly enough.


25th January 2021

Clare, we have had an absolutely fantastic time. Marcel is such an amazing chef, skipper, captain and host. We were so well taken care of and everything was sorted for us. It was like having a personal genie in a lamp with spectacular surrounds. Thank you for recommending this for our trip. It will always be one of my favourite memories.


15th January 2021

I just wanted to say how great Marcel was. He is a wonderful captain, very polite, nothing is ever a hassle and his food is phenomenal! We had such a wonderful time and would recommend him to all interested in a private charter around the Whitsundays. Just amazing. Thanks again. 


2nd December 2020

Hi Clare, We had the best day ever on Jalun!  Marcel & Emily were fantastic, it was incredible laying on the nets at the front of the boat as we cruised along and the slide was a huge hit (both with the kids and the kids at heart!).


20th November 2020

I cannot say enough about the experience as far as the day trip on the yacht except to say I want to plan another day, night or two nights out sooner than later!!! Everything was absolutely fantastic! Marcel and Nicole were amazing hosts. Seafood was ridiculous! Everyone was 100% satisfied and expectations were exceeded. Beautiful yacht and set up for exactly what we wanted. Thank you so much for organising and we will be in touch soon I promise.

Luxury Catamaran JALUN

11th November 2020

We all had such a great day on Monday! The crew and skipper were lovely. Ended up heading to Whitehaven for the day. Due to the high winds we couldn’t put the slide up but was a lot of fun anyway. The skipper set up the tender and towing inflatables instead for us. Everybody had a great day! Thank-you so much for your help! :)

Luxury Catamaran Jalun

15th October 2020

Hi Clare, Thanks for the email. Yes, we had an absolutely fantastic day aboard AWOL.  Luke and Sarah were great hosts and made the day very enjoyable for us. They pretty much left it up to us in terms of what we wanted to do but gave us direction as to what would work best.  The BBQ lunch was perfect also. We had a fantastic time, and the boat trip was the highlight of our 5 days in Hamilton Island. 

Luxury motor yacht AWOL

15th October 2020

Dear ClareWe have now returned home after our fantastic trip.May I, on behalf of all, extend our sincere thanks to Marcel and Nicole who made our vacation on board of Jalun a very enjoyable experience.The trip, food and atmosphere were fantastic.

Luxury Catamaran JALUN

11th October 2020

Hi Clare, We all had an great time. It was truly a unique experience. I can’t fault any of the crew – James, Liz and Patrice were excellent with their hospitality. Special mention to Patrice as his food was incredible! Regards, David

Luxury yacht ALANI

3rd October 2020

Hi Clare,We had a great time on Jalun - I am still swaying as we speak and feel like I am aboard still minus the amazing food and the fabulous scenery.Marcel and Nick were a delight and we truly loved the holiday so much - thanks for all your help booking it for us and making sure it was a holiday to remember.Take care :)Kathryn

Luxury Catamaran Jalun

2nd October 2020

Hi ClareWe had a fantastic time on the boat - the staff were awesome and very patient with us. Couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Thanks for organising it all.

On The Edge

24th September 2020

Marcel,Thanks so much for the drone footage!We really loved the photos but particularly the MP4.We had a wonderful time and will take pleasure in recommending you to our friends.I hope to see you in Hamilton soon when our boat arrives.Kind regards and thanks, Michael


4th April 2019

Hi Clare, huge thanks for everything to arrange our amazing day on the boat yesterday. Marcel and his team were amazing! Truly gave us the best experience, the food and service were amazing! We are even dreaming of going back again!!! Thank you so muchChloeDecember 2018

Jalun - December 2018

20th December 2018

All i can say is you were so right in regards to been an amazing experience.From start to finish it was just amazing from the boat to the crew and the food was just out of this world.....

Jalun Crewed Catamaran

6th August 2018

Hi Clare,I  just wanted to give you feedback on our lovey holiday on Bliss, it was amazing so far above my expectations and the food was incredible.Pete is so personable and very knowledgeable about the Whitsunday’s, thumbs up for Bliss!!!!!!

Bliss crewed sailing yacht

18th December 2017