What makes Hamilton Island Australia’s Best Island Family Holiday destination?

What makes Hamilton Island Australia’s Best Island Family Holiday destination?

Islands and families go together like peaches and cream. Australian islands are some of the best in the world. However, for unique experiences, sheer number of choices in family accommodation and family activities, safety and close proximity, Hamilton Island has it all.

Hamilton Island sits in arguably the most beautiful island passage in the world – the Whitsundays – surrounded by the Coral Sea. It is a fun epicentre for families because it was designed with families in mind.

Experiences you just don’t get on the mainland

The best island family holidays are the ones where you get to share unique island experiences. Things that you just can’t do on the mainland. Swim with fish in azure blue seas, snorkel through a myriad of colourful corals and the kids’ favourite – exploring the island by golf buggy. Then there’s pizza by the water, which is maybe not something you can only do on an island, but nothing beats the lapping seas of an island setting for family pizza night with a difference.

The only Whitsundays Island with self-contained accommodation

There’s a lot to be said for Hamilton’s self-contained accommodation and its appeal to families. Sure, you’re not forced to eat out for every meal, but often it’s the opportunity to relax with the family on the balcony and enjoy a balmy barbeque that is most prized for its quality family time.

The other nice thing is that the moment you step outside you’re in a family haven of restaurant choices, fun family activities and beach sports. Dial it up or dial it down, the choice is yours and there’s something for everyone’s age and interests.

What makes Whitsunday Holidays and Hamilton Island Family Holidays the best island family holiday booking agent?

For a start, 4 out of 5 of our consultants are Mums. They all agree that Hamilton Island is perfect for a family holiday and they totally know why! Obviously being local we have first hand knowledge and experience of the island, its benefits for families and how to tailor what the island has to your personal and family preferences. We absolutely love Hamilton Island and we’ve been assisting guests with their holidays for 15 years.

What’s the most convenient way to go there?

You can fly direct to Hamilton Island Airport with direct flights from major cities. We will have a valet waiting for you at the airport or the ferry terminal. It’s so much more convenient than the courtesy bus and you can be in the pool or on the beach in no time at all.

Australia’s best island family holiday by far

Read the reviews! Hamilton Island is perfect for everyone and everyone will leave with favourite family memories, the most treasured part of an island family holiday.

For all the great family things to do on Hamilton Island call on the expert advice and enjoy the friendly, efficient, island service of the Whitsunday Holidays and Hamilton Island Family Holidays team.

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