De Lisle III overnight charter

De Lisle III overnight charter

I wanted to let you know, and hope you will pass this on to whomever should hear about this for the benefit of Captain Dan.

Dan was a truly special person in his command of the De Lisle III always in control and with an easy-going, engaging attitude. He made our dreams come true and seemed to navigate through all his responsibilities with ease and joy. The crew was wonderful. Together they made us feel so welcomed, met all of our needs, and worked tirelessly. Rebecca immediately picked up on our likes and dislikes just through her keen observations and she has such a way about her…always ready, always by our sides, always calm. Chef Nigel’s food was off the charts, each meal delicious and every one a visual masterpiece. We remarked to each other that it was the best food we had in our two weeks in Australia. The variety was perfect and all plentiful. We just cannot say enough good things about our experience. We complement the owner of the De Lisle III for his building and furnishing of a terrific yacht. Truly tasteful luxury beyond our expectations. The pictures and video do not quite do this justice.

Thank you Clare for your attentiveness to everything on the land side of things; always reachable and ready with information, suggestions, referrals and solutions.

We are filled with appreciation in all aspects of this experience, and hope to repeat this again soon.

Susan & Dan, November 2022