Whitsunday & Hamilton Island Luxury Yacht Charters, the website, is here!

Whitsunday & Hamilton Island Luxury Yacht Charters, the website, is here!

Sailing The Whitsundays is a privileged experience. Each day you spend in one of the world’s most pristine and photo-scenic environments sets your spirits soaring. Every night, as you weigh anchor and prepare to be pampered with delicious private dinners by wonderful hosts, you will pinch yourself.

Take it from us

Whitsunday Holidays is a small team of passionate travellers. Aside from managing our Hamilton Island accommodation portfolio we are knowledgeable, dedicated charter specialists. We’ve been living and working here, booking charters and sailing these waters on them for 18 years. We know the charters and their crews and what they do best. For us, it’s an honour to be the purveyors of such exclusive experiences in this safe and wholesome part of the world.

Who makes the cut?

We’ve thought long and hard about the merits of each of the luxury yachts represented and why they deserve their place in The Collection. Many of them have been experienced firsthand by us. All offer superb attention to detail. Take a peek to fully appreciate the differences.

Stop the world, I want to get off

Families, celebrities, photographers, film crews, significant birthday parties, influencers, honeymooners, friends who holiday together; we’ve chartered yachts for them all. And the feedback we’ve received pretty much sums it up.

Long recognised as one of the natural highlights of the world’s tropics, The Whitsundays and The Great Barrier Reef are still among the globe’s most pristine destinations. The area is safe and easily accessible. Flights arrive into Hamilton Island Airport daily from Australia’s major cities. In a post-COVID world the desire to step off it for a dreamlike excursion has never been stronger. Whitsunday Luxury Yacht Charters has been created to bring that dream closer and make the choice easier, with images and descriptions that capture the unique character of each yacht.

Where do you want to go today?

Practically the hardest decision you’ll make all day while on the water is where to set sail for (and maybe which inlet to weigh anchor in for the night). Let your Captain spread the maps for you and linger over them, champagne in hand.

What’s on the menu today?

Gourmet meals on board and first class service, from breakfast to lights out, with personal service and an attention to detail that will have you floating 6 inches off the ground.

Let us meet your every need.

Each of the Whitsunday Luxury Yacht Charters in The Collection have been chosen to represent an unrivalled pampering adventure sailing the Coral Sea.

It all begins here.

The Whitsunday Luxury Yacht Charters team live and work here. We’re not a call centre and we’re available 7 days a week.
We’ll work with you to choose the luxury yacht that best suits your individual taste for your sailing holiday in The Whitsundays.

Call us on 1300 653 997 or click here to Contact Us.