Whitehaven Beach is a must see!

Whitehaven Beach is a must see!

Whitehaven Beach – a must see while on your Hamilton Island holiday!

Whitehaven Beach is simply a MUST see when visiting the Whitsundays. Stretching over six, dazzling kilometres along the south-eastern end of Whitsunday Island, Whitehaven Beach is without doubt the jewel in the Whitsundays crown.

Known locally as the “Garden of Eden”, the gleaming, white expanse of Whitehaven Beach never ceases to impress locals and tourists alike. With silky soft, silica white sand, crystal clear water perfect for swimming, regular sightings of dolphins, turtles, sting rays, reef fish, goannas and a plethora of native birds it is easy to see why it ranks in the world’s top ten beaches year after year.

Sand so white:

Unlike Whitehaven Beach, most beaches in the Whitsundays are covered in broken coral with only a scattering of sandy patches. This makes Whitehaven Beach unique as its sand consists of 98% pure silica giving it a stark, white colour and super-fine consistency. Scientists have been baffled as the local rocks and islands do not contain silica. After much research they have concluded that the sands must have been brought to the beach via prevailing sea currents over millions of years. It is interesting to note that Whitehaven sand does not get too hot to walk on even in the middle of the day. The sand’s pure white colour reflects and sunrays making it a pleasure to walk and play on at any time of the day.

How to get there:

Ferry – regular fast ferries conduct day tours to Whitehaven Beach from the mainland town of Airlie Beach and popular resort island, Hamilton Island. Cruises generally run daily either in the morning or afternoon.

Cruises – most scheduled sailing or power boating three-night cruises will have Whitehaven Beach on their itinerary, this way you can spend more time on the beach and if conditions are favourable your cruise boat will anchor overnight off Whitehaven Beach. Being the first or last footsteps to be imprinted on the beach make sunsets and sunrises particularly special occasions at Whitehaven Beach.

Seaplanes & Helicopters – if you are short of time and have a healthy budget a seaplane or helicopter trip to Whitehaven Beach is an awe-inspiring experience. Viewing the Whitsunday Islands and Whitehaven beach from the air, landing on the soft white sand, enjoying a glass of bubbles and gourmet snacks, swimming and just relaxing with your own private group is an unforgettable experience.

Charter Boat – if you charter your own vessel a visit to Hill Inlet at the northern end of Whitehaven Beach is a must. An easy walk up to the Hill Inlet lookout shows-off a panoramic view of the six kilometres of silica white sand which swirls and twists through the magnificent Hill Inlet offering the most breath-taking views in the Whitsundays.

There are no shops, hotels or any development on Whitehaven Beach and it is strictly protected by the Great Barrier Reef Marina Park Authority. However you travel, be sure to either travel with a reputable company or obtain the correct marine park permits so Whitehaven Beach is well looked after and continues to be Australia’s most photographed and admired beach for years to come.