What to Pack for your Whitsunday Holiday

What to Pack for your Whitsunday Holiday

5 tips for packing for a Whitsunday Holiday

The Whitsunday Island’s are located off Australia’s north eastern coast approximately 190 kilometres north of the Tropic of Capricorn. Lying within the temperate belt of latitude 20 and 21 degrees South, the Whitsundays offers holiday makers an extremely pleasant year round climate and temperature.

From April through to September, the islands are fanned by trade-winds that tend to be of moderate strength and from a south and south-easterly direction. This is the coolest time of year in the Whitsundays with temperatures usually governed by wind strength – the stronger the wind, the cooler it is. In the dead of winter it is common to wear jumpers in the evenings or if the trade winds are fresh, warm clothes may also be required during the day. The strongest winds are often experienced from May through to August.

From October through to March the temperatures and humidity increase with January and February usually being the hottest two months. It is very unusual for temperatures to reach over 32 degrees Celsius however humidity can be up to 80-100% during the summer months making it very warm and suitable for casual, light clothing.

The Whitsundays average temperatures:

Jan April July Oct
Av. daily high temp 31 °C 28 °C 23 °C 28 °C
Av. daily low temp 25 °C 23 °C 17 °C 21 °C
Mean sea temp 27 °C 26 °C 22 °C 24 °C

What to wear?
When it comes to most things, including dress code, Queensland is a very casual state and the Whitsunday Islands are no exception. Other than a handful of five-star resorts and restaurants, smart casual attire is suitable in most places you will visit.
Widely accepted evening wear for men includes dress shorts or trousers, polo shirts or button up short or long sleeve shirts. For women, dresses, slacks and casual blouses are ideal. Often frowned upon in many places in the evenings are singlets, t-shirts and thongs (thongs of the footwear kind!).
Day time is super casual where pretty much anything cool and comfortable is commonly worn. Most restaurants and cafes expect you to wear some clothing over your swim wear and foot wear is essential.

For Hayman Island Resort and Qualia Resort on Hamilton Island, it is recommended to check their website for up to date dress codes as some of these resorts have restaurants that require more formal attire.

5 essential items and tips:

1. Sunscreen– full strength, full powered the best you can buy is recommended in the Whitsundays as the sun is extremely powerful. You will take frequent swims and the humidity makes you sweat so you will need to apply and re-apply high protection sunscreen at all times whilst outdoors. Even the most olive skin can easily burn under the intense Whitsunday sunshine so take heed and don’t spoil your holiday by turning into a lobster on day one.

2. Polarised Sunglasses– polarised lenses reduce reflections so you can see into the water rather than just the reflection of the sky on it. Polarised sunglasses will help you spot the reefs around the islands and the marine life living within it. This can be invaluable if you are boating and navigating reef areas. It is also useful for finding top fishing spots and fringing reef for snorkelling.

3. Footwear – an old pair of sand shoes is ideal for walking around coral beaches and foreshores. There are also a number of fabulous bush walking trails for those interested in exploring the islands. For dining out around the Whitsundays, deck shoes or dress sandals are ideal.

4. Hat – the broader the brim the better to provide extra protection from the sun. Sunscreen tends to wear thin with sweat, salt spray and wiping your face so include a good hat or two in your suitcase.

5. Sea Suits & Swimming Shirts – UV protection sun-shirts are sold in most pharmacies and surf shops and can be very handy for those wanting to spend long periods of time swimming or snorkelling. They also provide protection from sea-lice and any other marine stingers. Full suits or separate shirts and pants are highly recommended.

The key is to pack light; there is no need to carry an enormous suitcase to the Whitsundays particularly if you are boating. Despite what time of year you are travelling, keep sun protection in mind when packing and throw in a coat for the cooler months. Summer shorts, shirts, dresses and light coats are ideal and remember if you have forgotten something you can always buy it from the island resort boutiques which are generally jam-packed with perfect Whitsundays attire!