We're Here For You

We’re Here For You

Hamilton Island, just as you left it

At Whitsunday Holidays we’re following all advisements on COVID-19. Right now our concern is with the safety of the community, but our resolve is to maintain the pristine nature of Hamilton Island and Whitsunday Holidays’ many properties on it for your return. That includes our luxury self contained apartments and exclusive homes. We’ll be fostering the good relations we have with Hamilton Island Charters and Reef Tours. While we all weather the restrictions, pause a moment to imagine yourself here. Not just one of the world’s most beautiful places in your own back yard, but one of the safest too.

Don’t Cancel, Postpone

If you have a booking with Whitsunday Holidays, rest assured we will be in touch. We’re working through the most urgent bookings first. Please be patient, we will get to you. But, when we do, the entire tourism industry is asking this – please consider postponing rather than cancel. Those that do will make a world of difference to tourism operators who want nothing more than to welcome you back. Take a minute to read what Condé Nast says about why you shouldn’t cancel your holiday. #dontcancelpostpone

Make plans for the future

Although we are so remote to other parts of the world, Australians love to travel. That’s not going to change anytime soon. One of the great pleasures of travel is the anticipation that starts as soon as you make the booking. And we are still taking bookings don’t forget. Talk to us about dates.

Consider domestic travel

Whatever happens, on Hamilton Island the sun will still be shining, the palm trees swaying, the buggies waiting, and the water azure blue. One of the best things we can all do as a travelling public is to holiday in Australia in the foreseeable future. Whitsunday Holidays will be working on some enticing offers and for these and the rest of the news from Hamilton Island, bookmark the Whitsunday Holidays Blog.

In the meantime

Look out for your family and friends and check on anyone you know who is aged or has a disability. Make sure they have food and medications. Talk to them from the footpath if you have to. Leave a goodwill package at the door.

Practice distancing and self-isolation.

Then, after all this is over, holiday on Hamilton Island. We know all the best places.

Call our friendly team on 1300 653 997. We’re available 7 days a week. Or email us.
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