Welcome Back To Hamilton Island Queensland

Welcome Back To Hamilton Island Queensland

snorkelling in hamilton island

Hamilton Island’s luxury self contained apartments and exclusive homes, take your pick.  The warm winter air and island dotted horizons, Coral Sea and sunrise from Passage Peak all yours to enjoy, with first dibs on dates.

So much has happened, but nothing much has changed

On Hamilton Island the pools are bubbling, and the buggies are lined up. The tropical island views are infused with magic same as ever. Could there be a better place to visit right now? Take time out to process everything that has gone on in the world or think about nothing at all. Make the most it while it lasts, Queensland. There are still a few changes in effect, but if you love the best of Queensland’s great outdoors, now is the perfect time to book, pack, and get back to normal.

We can safely say

Hamilton Island is already recognised globally as a safe holiday destination. While we had the place to ourselves, around 350 Hamilton Island employees have been maintaining the beauty of the island and its facilities. Whitsunday Holidays accommodation has been deeply and thoroughly cleaned, over and above our usual high standards, in accordance with Federal and State requirements. Safe arrivals, transfers and departures will be in place without any fuss.

Love self-contained accommodation?

If you think a swimming pool terrace or balcony is the best place to BBQ on a balmy night, you’ll fit right in. Restaurants and island activities won’t be open until the number of guests and staff allow it, but you’ll still be able to pick up supplies from IGA for meals, platters and picnics. Jump in a buggy for a lap of the island. The kids will love it. (While we’re looking forward to welcoming back the crowds, we have to say it’s kind of ideal right now, like having the island to yourself.)

July School Holidays booking now

So close and so attainable. If your family was looking forward to a family holiday on Hamilton Island during the Easter and April school holidays, now is a window of opportunity. The island will be open to Queenslanders at the end of June. Bring a snorkel, the reefs are teeming with fish. Build sandcastles on the beach if you can tear the kids away from the pools, or yourself out of the poolside lounge chairs. Cocktails at 6.

Begin the adventure on the ferry ride over

Talk to us about booking a ferry from Shute Harbour. Hamilton Island Air will be transferring passengers from Whitsunday Airport, also at Shute Harbour.

Where would you rather be?

If you had to pick a state in Australia to travel in at this time, wouldn’t it be Queensland? Nowhere else has the beauty and tropical nature of our state, nowhere better experienced than here on Hamilton Island. 

Welcome back Queensland.

Call our friendly team on 1300 653 997. We’re available 7 days a week. Or email us.

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