Reef Sleep

Reef Sleep

Star gazing by night, exploring by day

It really doesn’t get much better than this! With Cruise Whitsundays you have the amazing opportunity to spend a night sleeping under the stars at the Great Barrier Reef!

This two day, one night adventure is a once in a lifetime experience. There can be few more unique experiences offered in the world than the chance to sleep under the stars, 40 nautical miles from shore on the Great Barrier Reef! Our permanently moored pontoon, ‘Reefworld’, is located on Hardy Reef – one of the most spectacular stretches of the Great Barrier Reef. This is the destination for our day visitors, but for a lucky few, it’s a once in a life time, breathtaking and memorable overnight experience.

Day One

Travel to Hardy Reef as part of the Great Barrier Reef Adventure onboard one of our high speed vessels. By day, all the amazing activities offered on our Great Barrier Reef Adventure are there to be enjoyed – diving, snorkelling and scenic helicopter flights. Once the day guests depart, you get the pontoon to yourself and your fellow Reefsleep guests.

A Night at the Reef

As dusk approaches watch for turtles surfacing or coming to nibble the seaweed around the pontoon. Watch as the sun sets over the reef while you sip your cocktail and then see the reef really come to life at night.  Gaze up at a gazillion stars from your comfy swag set up on the top deck of the pontoon before the tranquillity of being in the middle of the ocean lulls you to sleep.

Day Two

In the morning, enjoy a delicious breakfast and more time with the reef before the day guests join you. Optional snorkelling during this exclusive time at the pontoon with your group will give you the opportunity to see the stars of the Great Barrier Reef  – giant Maori Wrasse, spectacular coral formations, a myriad of tropical fish, turtles and reef sharks all might make an appearance. If you’re not a keen swimmer then have the underwater viewing chamber to yourself and watch your fellow guests swim around, or look at the coral from the comfort of our semi-submersible vessel. You’ll head home with the day guests onboard the reef vessel in the afternoon, taking home plenty of memories and stories to tell.


All this sea air makes you hungry. Throughout the day curb your hunger with morning and afternoon tea and a sumptuous buffet lunch. Once the day guests depart enjoy a cocktail as the sun sets and nibble on the anti pasto platters, then it’s on to dinner and dessert before laying back under the stars. Free tea and coffee is available and there is also a bar onboard serving a full range of alcoholic and soft drinks. Pre-select one of the delicious dinner menu options when making your booking.

Reefsleep Under the Stars Menu


Accommodation at the Reef

Reefsleep features a unique type of accommodation: Reef Beds Under the Stars

Reef Bed Under the Stars

A reef bed is a cosy, low tent with a comfortable mattress and snug bedding. We supply double beds which can be used for two people sharing or by just one person*#. The experience of sleeping in a reef bed out on the Great Barrier Reef is just unbeatable. They are waterproof, but on a clear night you can sleep with the cover open – just you, the sea air and the stars.

*Single supplement rate applies.

#Reefsleep requires a minimum of 2 Guests to operate, You will be advised at time of booking if your departure cannot be confirmed.



Children must be 6 years and older for Reef Sleep
2 days, 1 night. 9am – Return 5pm next day.
Double Reef Bed (2 people)$610 per person
Reef bed - Single supplement$815 per person

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