Think Ahead. Book Ahead. Avoid Disappointment

Think Ahead. Book Ahead. Avoid Disappointment

While uncertainty exists over international borders, travel-loving Australians are taking advantage of world class tourism in our own back yard, with many popular spots booked out well in advance. Hamilton Island is no exception. To book a special date or season our best advice to you at the moment is, book it right away.

Think ahead

While some of us like to travel more spur-of-the-moment, in 2021 you’re better off planning. What are your travel goals? Are there significant dates or occasions for celebration that you want to do something special for coming up in the next year or two? Get your friends to lock in a time when you can all get away together. As a school holiday favourite with families all over Australia there’s no better way to reward teens and entertain children than a family vacay on Hamilton Island.

Book in advance through a reputable agent

Booking in advance can be daunting for some people. Booking online so far ahead isn’t always possible either. Better to book through a reliable, transparent travel partner.

Whitsunday Holidays is a small team of talented professionals who know their stuff and are good to deal with – down to earth in the best Australian way! Read the reviews. We know Hamilton Island backwards. We know what’s available, where the best place would be for you and why. We have the local ground knowledge that’s going to give you the confidence to book ahead. It takes a lot of pressure off to have peace of mind that what you are booking is what you are going to get. You don’t have to wait until you get here with fingers crossed. You’ll know what your accommodation is, where it is, that the restaurant is booked for that special occasion, the tour will be great and the charter boat amazing.

Take advantage of our personal service

We book ahead for a whole raft of regular clients who appreciate being able to call us up, tell us what they want and have us do the leg work for them. Our books are full of personally selected and regularly reviewed holiday apartments and luxury homes all over Hamilton Island. Having worked with many of the incredible charter boat operators in the Whitsunday Islands for years, we’ve just launched our own Whitsunday Luxury Yacht Charters website.

Enjoy the anticipation

Any of our clients will tell you that the best thing about planning ahead is the time you have to anticipate something wonderful. In that time, you might think of something you’d like to see or experience as part of your holiday and we can help with that as well.

Simply get in touch.

The Whitsunday Holidays team live and work here. We’re not a call centre and we’re available 7 days a week.
We’ll work with you to choose the Hamilton Island holiday that best suits your individual taste and requirements.

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