The Pavillions apartments are located right on the marina. The ground level apartments and the penthouses have a private pool. The middle level have a spa bath on the balcony (not heated). Great location to sit on the balcony/patio and watch all the activity of the harbour.

The Pavillions apartments on Hamilton Island are 4 bedroom apartments with great views over the harbour. Beautifully furnished, very spacious and open plan design.

Top reasons to choose Pavillions for your Hamilton Island accommodation:

  • Ideal location on the harbour
  • Ground floor apartments with private pool
  • Penthouse with private pool
  • Beautifully designed with open plan feel
  • Modern and luxurious


Airport Drive
Hamilton Island Marina
Hamilton Island, QLD 4803

Pricing Generally

The Hamilton Island Marina is where most of the action happens here and the Pavillions Apartment complex is literally on the Marina. The apartments are furnished exquisitely, the location is unbeatable and your back lawn touches the Marina waterfront. Pricing ranges from around $980 / night up to $2200 / night.