Blue Water Views Apartments

Blue Water Views Apartments

img-BlueWaterViews-TheViewThe Blue Water Views group of apartments are ideally located on the marina side of the island. Beautiful water views facing west – love those sunsets!

Blue Water Views on Hamilton Island are available in 2 or 3 bedroom options. Single level ‘penthouse style’ with lovely views facing west. Extra large balconies with bbq. Blue Water Views 1 even has a spa bath on the balcony!

Ideal Hamilton Island accommodation for those that want to keep costs down without sacrificing on quality.


The Blue Water Views Apartments
2 Banksia Court
Hamilton Island, QLD 4803

img-BlueWaterViews-InteriorPricing Generally

The “Blue Water Views” apartments are one of the more affordable types of accommodation available on Hamilton Island. Pricing generally starts around the $750 per night mark.