The Secret To Hamilton Island's Restorative Powers

The Secret To Hamilton Island’s Restorative Powers

While the luxury of the day spa and Coral Sea beaches are guaranteed to dissolve stress away, the real secret of Hamilton Island’s healing powers is actually quite simple.

It’s purpose built for fun

Everyone is busy these days. Work is demanding. Families run to schedules. It takes a toll. When you step off the plane onto Hamilton Island you literally distance yourself from all that. It’s a great first step. Let the fun begin, and the beauty of Hamilton Island is it’s been purpose built for having fun.

Only on Hamilton Island

Buggy Rally
Discovering the island in a buggy with a prize at the end is squeals of delight fun for everyone. It’s as easy as turning up at the Sports Club after 9am. Be prepared, kids love the buggies and that makes this so much fun and rewarding for families.

Offroad Adventure Tours
Explore the lesser-visited parts of Hamilton Island and enjoy some magnificent views while the All-Terrain Vehicles provide added thrills and excitement.

Koala cuddles, mini golf, snorkelling and more
Hamilton Island was made for kids of all ages. There’s a bowling alley, go-karts, a wildlife park, coral snorkelling, mini golf, sea kayaks and wind surfing from Catseye Beach for starters.

Dial the romance

Looking out over the Whitsunday Islands dipping into the Coral Sea, there’s no shortage of romantic ways to experience Hamilton Island.

The Reef
Tour boats leave daily but if you want a luxurious and 100% romantic treat, take a helicopter, tour the magnificent corals in a private glass-bottomed boat, and stop somewhere exotic on the trip back for a champagne picnic.

Spa Wumurdaylin
The most luxurious of spas is on Hamilton Island, ready to indulge you with unrivalled elegance, tranquillity and bespoke treatments. Some signature packages have been imagined just for couples.

Create your own romantic meal in the comfort of your apartment, perhaps a sunset barbeque on the balcony. Or take the romance out for the night. Walk hand in hand to one of the many swoon-worthy places to dine and wine. Choose from ultimate full service luxury to breathtaking picnics.

It won’t take long

Pure relaxation sets in quickly on Hamilton Island. It’s where everything comes together and the joy of being with each other takes over. That is the true secret of its restorative powers and the source of the feeling of happiness you take home.

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