Reef Suites - Australia's first underwater accommodation

Reef Suites – Australia’s first underwater accommodation

Sleep in an underwater paradise and wake up with the fish
If the idea of a watery silent room, immersed in nature appeals, you could be one of the first to stay underwater in Reefsuites – Australia’s First Underwater Accommodation!

If the idea of sleeping with the fishes is magical to you, you will love Australia’s first underwater accommodation. Get to experience the underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef up close and personal. I have a feeling this will be one to tick off your bucket list that will be amazing.

Moored offshore at Hardy Reef, 40 nautical miles from Airlie Beach.

It is available for day visitors, on-deck Reefsleep guests and some very special rooms for those who sleep below deck in an intimate, all-inclusive Reefsuite experience.

How does this work:
Firstly you will cruise through the Whitsunday Islands to Hardy Reef onboard a high-speed boat. Upon arrival, you will enjoy lunch, followed by snorkelling, diving, swimming. Perhaps even a magical helicopter flight to see famous Heart Reef. At the end of the day, those only here for the day depart, giving overnight guests an amazing experience of their own.

The night commences with dinner on the pontoon’s upper deck. Instead of TV, overnight guests have the entire reef to view through the floor to ceiling windows.

In the morning, you will awaken to another magical world, breakfast and a morning on the reef before heading back home.

Reefsuite Pricing
SINGLE $1,199

Pricing is per person.


Feel Good Holidays (in more ways than one):
But here’s a really great thing about your stay (because its a little expensive for most). Great Barrier Reef Environmental Management Charge (EMC): Included in your cruise fare is a per head fee which goes to the Government. The money collected is used by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) for the management and protection of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

This is a true eco-aware tourist offer, to ensure the Great Barrier Reef can be experienced for generations in the future. Sustainable, environmentally aware and conscious tourism.

The goal is to return reef suites to its previous location on Hardy Reef, once work is completed thereby minimising the impact on the surrounding marine environment.

Quote from their website which I love:
“More than 4000 pieces of coral have been sustainably removed from old moorings and successfully replanted onto the existing reef wall to rejuvenate the local environment. As part of this, we’ve also established a coral farm to encourage further growth in the area.”



Article by Lesley Mitchell