Rare availability for a 5-night private cruise on JALUN this Christmas

Rare availability for a 5-night private cruise on JALUN this Christmas

JALUN is one of the best sailing experiences in the world

The opportunity to sail The Whitsundays onboard JALUN is rare at any time of the year and rarely comes up this close to Christmas. Whitsunday Holidays Director Kristie and Charter Manager Clare recently found out firsthand what makes JALUN one of the best sailing experiences you can have anywhere in the world. Here they provide us with a taste of what you could be doing in a few short weeks’ time.

“Sailing The Whitsundays is breathtaking”

You are unmistakably in a great place for sailing in every classic sense of the word. Azure waters cover coral reefs. There are plenty of island inlets to weigh anchor and explore. A different sunset location every night. Snorkelling, swimming, diving, kayaking, fishing, hiking, night skies and pure relaxation. Nowhere better. BUT what takes JALUN to the next level is the sheer experience of it all.

“Welcome from the moment you step aboard”

We’re used to hearing guests of JALUN heap praise on its Captain and Crew. The atmosphere onboard can make so much difference to a cruise and JALUN has it all. Lavish attention. Small, thoughtful details that lift your feet off the ground and invite you to float through effortless days and gorgeous nights. All the behind the scenes activity that contributes to the seamless experience of JALUN will have you in awe.

“Every meal was 5-Star”

JALUN lives up to every expectation of dining on a 65’ luxury yacht and more. It’s the passion for food that shines through, taking every meal beyond gourmet. If you have an appetite for fine dining experiences, you won’t be disappointed. Seafood features of course, but you’ll also be introduced to the best local tropical ingredients available in the region, prepared in astonishingly simple yet sensational ways.

“Each day is different”

Or the same every day if that’s what you decide! You’ll have plenty of sailing and island hopping options to choose from while pouring over maps with the Captain, a glass of champagne in hand.

No sailing cruise of The Whitsundays is complete without a stop-off at Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet. Whitehaven’s pristine sand is famous and at the northern end of the beach is Hill Inlet with its swirling colours, best viewed from the lookout at Tongue Point. Having a Captain so experienced at sailing The Whitsundays means there will always be a secluded cove to drop anchor for the evening’s entertainment.

A last minute chance to be cruising The Whitsundays on JALUN this Christmas

After Kristie’s experience on JALUN recently, she said she wanted to “tell the world how amazing it is”. High praise from one of the most experienced travellers on Hamilton Island! No doubt it will be a huge treat (or Christmas surprise?) for some lucky person and their party this Christmas. Who will it be?

First in best dressed.

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