Our Favourite Things To Do On Hamilton Island

Our Favourite Things To Do On Hamilton Island

Most of us know that the best way to find out the best things to do on Hamilton Island or any other place we travel to is to ask a local.

There are so many things to do on Hamilton Island that picking the right ones for the time you are here and your interests – while pleasant for those who like to do their research – can be time consuming.

So we got our crew at Whitsunday Holidays to reveal their favourite things to do on Hamilton Island, with and without kids. These guys know Hamilton Island from back to front.

Kristie Kaighin

It’s a tough choice as there are so many things I love to do on Hamilton Island, but if I have to choose a favourite, it would be the walk to Passage Peak.

It’s a challenging walk but it is worth it for the stunning Whitsunday views at the top.  Make sure you leave early in the hotter months. It takes approximately 50 minutes to reach the top.  The track is well defined with plenty of signage so you won’t get lost.

The other reason I love this walk is that it earns me calorie credits for sunset drinks on the Bommie Deck at the Hamilton Island Yacht Club later that day!

Clare Rushby

Well since Kristie stole one of my favourites, another one of mine would have to be dining at Coca Chu! This is one of my all-time favourite restaurants and I look forward to dining there on every visit.

The food is delicious, the cocktail list is great and it is also family friendly. My tummy is grumbling just writing about it.

When I visit with my children, my favourite thing to do is spend lots of time in all the different swimming pools.  There are so many to choose from and the kids love trying them all out! The Bougainvillea pool is the best for toddlers as there is a good little shallow section there for them.

Stacey Marsh

I love heading down to Marina Daze to enjoy live music of an afternoon. Take a rug and settle down on the beautiful lawn overlooking the marina for a few relaxed drinks and some great tunes!

You can enjoy fantastic food straight from the nearby chargrill BBQ, or stroll to one of the many restaurants for a meal afterwards.

Erin Clarke

I have many favourite things to do on the island! I love enjoying a refreshing cocktail at the Sunset Bar on One Tree Hill. The views from up there are simply breathtaking and it is a great spot to enjoy a relaxed drink amongst friends whilst soaking up the sunset and surrounding island views. Getting around the island on a buggy makes it so easy to explore.

I love discovering new places every time I go! There is a great little lake on the western side of the island where you can feed the ducks. You can even spot an eel and a turtle if you’re patient! My 4 year-old daughter would say it was her favourite thing to do on Hamilton Island! It’s great for little kids…and big ones!

Courtney Fadelli

I’m with Erin, there is nothing more relaxing than enjoying a lovely cocktail at the Sunset Bar while taking in the spectacular views.

But one of my other favourite things to do on Hamilton Island is waking up in the morning and heading down to the Marina to enjoy a cup of tea with a croissant while watching the boats sail out for a fun day on the reef.

Find your favourite things to do on Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island really is perfect for everyone, there’s so much to do and see you’ll be planning your next trip back before you leave!

These are just some of our favourites and some of the reasons why Hamilton Island is one of Australia’s premier holiday destinations.

For access to these and so many other great things to do on Hamilton Island, from the iconic to the out-of-the-way, call on the expert advice and enjoy the friendly, efficient, island service of the Whitsunday Holidays team.

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