Interesting Facts About Hamilton Island

Interesting Facts About Hamilton Island

It is the most populated of the 74 majestic Whitsunday Islands, bursting at the seams with things to see and do, but what about the facts – those informative snippets of information that your getaway or holiday may not rely on, but are handy to know.

Things like:

  • Size of the Island – While it’s big on fun, excitement, relaxation and idyllic nature, Hamilton Island is rather small in stature – approximately seven square kilometres in size. Many of the islands in the Whitsundays are even smaller, making them perfect for island hopping.
  • Location. Hamilton Island is approximately 887 kilometres north of Brisbane, the capital of Queensland; and 512 kilometres south of balmy tropical Cairns.
  • Getting there. Hamilton Island is the only Great Barrier Reef Island with its own commercial airport, catering to flights from eastern seaboard centres like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Cairns. Ferries depart the nearby mainland town of Airlie Beach on a regular basis.
  • Flight times. Approximate flight times are 1 hour and 20 minutes from Brisbane; 2 hours and 10 minutes from Sydney; and 3 hours from Melbourne.
  • The Marina at Hamilton Island is a feature of the island. 20+ boats arrive and depart daily with 130+ berths available.
  • Weather. Hamilton Island enjoys a year-round tropical climate with an average temperature of 27.4 perfect degrees! The hottest December on record was 31.7 degrees Celsius in 2005, while the coldest December day on record was 24.1 degrees Celsius in 2011. On average, temperatures rarely fall below 22 degrees at any time of the year.
  • Natural Environment. Over 80% of Hamilton Island is natural tropical Australian bushland. The island is home to many native Australian animals and colourful birdlife, amongst them kangaroos, wallabies, cockatoos, kookaburras and lorikeets.
  • Bushwalking. Passage Peak is a challenging climb that rewards all your efforts with spectacular views. It forms one of the 20 kilometres of bushwalking trails you can explore.
  • Flora. There are 35 different colours of hibiscus on Hamilton Island and 20 species of palm.
  • Community. The tight knit community of Hamilton Island features a Public School for children aged 5-12 years of age. The community organises various fundraising events in support of the school.
  • Recycling. The Island recycles approximately 1 mega litre of grey water daily, which is utilised to replenish its magnificent gardens. All of the green waste on the island is recycled into mulch and around 1 tonne of metal is recycled per month.
  • Hamilton Island History. More than 10,000 years ago, at the end of the last ice age, the Coral Sea rose over the coastal plain, exposing the sheer and rocky mountain tops that form the Whitsunday Islands.

Tourism remains the main activity on Hamilton Island and it isn’t difficult to see why. It is the most easily accessible of all the Whitsunday Islands.

Hamilton Island accommodation, dining, leisure activities and tours take full advantage of the views, the climate and the spectacular scenery. It truly is an idyllic island paradise, and that’s a fact!

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