How To Make A Hamilton Island Shortlist

How To Make A Hamilton Island Shortlist

The Planning Stage. It can be stressful. Of course, the beauty of Whitsunday Holidays is having a boutique team of Hamilton Island experts ready to take care of everything for you. But a very good place to start is here, on the new and delightfully functional Whitsunday Holidays website.


We know you want to see the places and the views, the key living areas, kitchens, bedrooms and balconies. Browse a selection of Hamilton Island accommodation on Hamilton Island Properties and be transported by the beautiful colour images that accurately depict all the possibilities.


Celebrating a special birthday or anniversary? Bringing the family to one of the most family-friendly and safest holiday destinations in the world? Taking a long overdue holiday with a group of friends or planning the perfect wedding? Making a shortlist of Hamilton Island accommodation is the ideal way to narrow down your preferences. Just explore the properties that interest you and click on ‘Add to shortlist’.


Once you’ve completed your shortlist you can share the link with everyone in your party and invite them to make a shortlist too. Share each other’s lists, see who has chosen the same ones and others you may not have considered. Hint: share your shortlist with us as well. It shows us what type of Hamilton Island acccommodation you’re interested in. From there we can fill in the details for you like availability, rates, proximity to marina, shops, restaurants, the beach, etc. We may be able to make further suggestions to help you narrow down the field, as well as tours and activities. Nothing beats being well organised before you leave home!


Once you’ve been to Hamilton Island it’s likely you’ll want to return. Many of our clients have a favourite property on the island that they can’t wait to come back to. Perhaps someone has recommended a specific apartment or luxury home to you based on their experience? All you need is the property name and you can find it on the homepage of the Whitsundays Holidays website. Just click on ‘search property name’ at the top of the page.

We created the newest version of the Whitsunday Holidays website to help you enjoy the planning stage of your Hamilton Island holiday. But if you don’t have the time or inclination remember, we’re here to find the perfect place for you because we know each property and Hamilton Island, inside out.

Whitsunday Holidays is a boutique group of Hamilton Island travel experts. Contact us direct and we’ll give you accommodatinon options and the benefit of our local knowledge to help you plan your holiday to the nth degree.

We’re available 7 days a week. Call us on 1300 653 997 or click here