Hamilton Island Recovery. Same As It Ever Was In All The Ways That Count!

Hamilton Island Recovery. Same As It Ever Was In All The Ways That Count!

Right about now, as the southern states contemplate a shift into a single digit winter, Hamilton Island is coming into its own. And this year really isn’t much different than previous ones.

Thanks to the incredible response of island staff who pulled together immediately after Cyclone Debbie, the clean up began in earnest straight away. It was seriously amazing. Now all the main areas of the island that visitors want access to are open for business as usual.

It’s been said that all that’s missing is “a few leaves” – it’s probably more than a few for now but all replaceable and being replaced as you read this. As far as visitors to the island are concerned:

Nothing much has changed.

The azure blue Coral Sea lapping on the palm-fringed beach remains picture perfect. The blue skies and sunshine fabulous as always. The stunning water and island views, still mesmerising. Easy and direct flights all operating as per usual.

It’s pretty much just as you left it:

The beach and all the main pools are sparkling.

The sun loungers are out and Pina Coladas are being served at the swim-up bar in the Main Pool.

The villas, apartments and homes are still exclusive and inviting.

While some of the gorgeous homes, villas and apartments under the care and management of local booking agents like Whitsunday Holidays and Hamilton Island Family Holidays are closed for refurbishment, there are still plenty of others to choose from on their books. And you will still receive the same premium experience:

  • Complimentary airport pick-up and departure drop-off.
  • Exclusive use of your own island buggy for getting round #kidslovebuggies
  • Grocery shopping and delivery to the island for your easy collection. Or collect from the island’s super market.
  • Someone you can call on 7 days per week.

The reviews are in.

One guest travelled in April – the island opened on 8th April just 1 week after temporarily closing, and shared their happy experience:

“The island is fantastic (minus a few leaves) and we’re really enjoying our time in Hibiscus 108. The Hibiscus pool is crystal clear… All the restaurants we normally venture to are open except for the amazing Romano’s but rotating between Manta Ray, Sails and Pool Terraces is a great way to spend a few weeks. Just thought we would let you know we are having an amazing holiday…”

“My favourite restaurant – Co Ca Chu – has a temporary relocation, still on the beach and stunning views.”

There really is nothing stopping you from travelling to the beautiful and popular holiday destination that is Hamilton Island, still a jewel in the crown of The Whitsundays Islands. Same as ever.

Whitsunday Holidays and Hamilton Island Family Holidays are open for business. Book now:

For more information contact us on 1300 653 997 or email [email protected].