Hamilton Island For Fresh Food Lovers

Hamilton Island For Fresh Food Lovers

Most people, when they think of fresh tropical island produce, think of seafood – something of which there is no shortage of on Hamilton Island.

Queensland’s unique tropical produce – avocados, mangoes, bananas and pineapples are in abundance here, as well as the deep-sea fish and local seafood the Whitsundays are famous for.

Follow the Local Food Trail

You won’t have far to go to find it.

High quality fresh food and produce from the mainland is readily available. You will have your pick of seafood, fish, fruit and vegetables to choose from at a number of outlets, including Fishi.

Seafood Platters Delivered to Your Door

Fishi stocks the finest in local Australian, wild caught seafood.

One of the most popular dining experiences our guests enjoy is having a Fishi platter delivered to their door ready to share with friends and family.

From the comfort of your balcony, enjoy the spectacular views of Hamilton Island while eating the freshest seafood in Australia! Call Fishi ahead to order 0409 411 294.

Fresh Queensland Produce

Fishi also supplies the IGA supermarket with fresh seafood.

The IGA is well stocked with poke bowls, octopus salads and fresh prawns as well as fresh Queensland produce.

One of the best things about apartment living on Hamilton Island is that it gives cooking lovers a contemporary kitchen in the open tropical air to prepare and delight with fresh local produce.

From preparing a simple platter to fine dining success stories, lovers of fresh food will find plenty to be happy about on Hamilton Island.

Fresh Indulgences in Fine Dining

With so much fresh tropical produce to call on, the cooks, chefs and cafe owners of Hamilton Island are constantly inspired to prepare menus that reflect the best of Queensland’s tropical produce.

Everyone has their favourite, but we have to say that the Moreton Bay Bugs at Bommie Restaurant are just amazing and one of our first recommendations for anyone who loves seafood.

An Explosion of Flavour Infusions

The popularity of share plates and tasting platters in recent years has been embraced at places like Coca Chu Restaurant for the opportunity it gives diners to sample a wide selection of local produce.

CoCa Chu’s menu is inspired by hawker-style street food of South East Asia, fusing bold Asian flavours with relaxed Australian style and fresh local ingredients.

The restaurant’s location nestled in tranquil tropical gardens overlooking the white sands of Catseye Beach is a real mood pleaser.

Fresh Takeaway

The beauty of having local tropical seafood available is the quality of the family favourite fish n’ chips on Hamilton Island.

Pick yours up from Popeye’s Takeaway and head to Catseye Beach to enjoy the lapping shores of the Coral Sea with your meal.

Want to know more about fresh produce on Hamilton Island? Ask us!

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