Getting Around, Hamilton Island Style

Getting Around, Hamilton Island Style

One of the most relaxing things about Hamilton Island is the absence of cars. The lack of traffic noise, pollution, and stress is a welcome change for those wanting to slip into a leisurely holiday pace, and adds to your tropical island experience.

But with an area covering five square kilometres, what’s the best way to get around Hamilton Island? In a golf buggy, of course.

Hamilton Island’s Golf Buggies

“The use of golf buggies is an iconic part of the Hamilton Island experience,” says Kristie Kaighin, Director of Whitsunday Holidays. “They’re not only a great way to explore the island, they’re great fun, easy to drive, and environmentally friendly.”

With so many vantage points and scenic lookouts to visit, buggies are a great way for you and the family to enjoy a self-guided tour of the island. From the gentle shores of Cat’s Eye Beach to the buzz of the Marina, and the legendary views from One Tree Hill, a buggy offers a novel way to get around, island style.

The golf buggies are fully battery-powered, and their low maintenance convenience is matched by their maneuverability. Their compact size allows them to be safely operated by anyone holding a valid driver’s license.

“Guests absolutely love them,” says Kristie. “All our properties* come equipped with at least one complimentary buggy, with many of our luxury homes including two. They are completely at the disposal of our guests, and they love zipping around on them – especially the kids.

“While Hamilton Island is very pedestrian-friendly, guests love the convenience of taking their buggy to the General Store to pick up a quick bit of grocery shopping, or driving home from dinner at one of the fabulous restaurants at the Marina.

They’re also appreciated by our more senior guests, and those with mobility issues – it means they still get to experience everything Hamilton Island has to offer, but at their own pace and schedule.”

Other Ways to Explore Hamilton Island

Don’t worry if it’s time to recharge your golf buggy – there’s other ways to explore Hamilton Island.

Catch a Bus

Public transport is free for Hamilton Island’s visitors and guests, with a shuttle bus service operating daily. Using colour-coded buses to service a regular timetable, passengers can travel in air-conditioned comfort servicing two different bus routes.

With its hop-on hop-off convenience, bus stops are plentiful and situated at accommodation hotspots, popular facilities, and scenic locations across the island.

Foot Patrol

With its well-maintained footpaths and walkways, and manicured tropical garden landscaping, walking around Hamilton Island is a great way to experience paradise up close and personal. “Our guests love the island’s layout,” says Kristie.

“Everything is within easy reach. Some guests like to get their early morning fitness walk in, while others enjoy a leisurely stroll to the shops and restaurants. Hamilton Island delivers the best of both worlds.”

For the nature lovers, numerous bush walking trails offer exercise, adventure, and a great way to see Hamilton Island’s many secluded coves and breathtaking views. There’s a wide range of trails to suit every age and ability.

Hamilton Island – Your Perfect Car-Free Holiday Destination

Car-free means hassle-free on Hamilton Island, and is just another reason it’s renowned for its relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. With no petrol costs, traffic jams, or parking fees to worry about, the only thing you’ll need to decide is whether you’ll need one buggy or two.

A golf buggy is guaranteed with all of Whitsunday Holiday’s accommodation options*, which means you’ll not only enjoy the freedom and luxury of a Hamilton Island holiday home, apartment, or villa – you’ll save up to $87 per day on buggy hire.

Getting around, Hamilton Island style – there’s nothing quite like it!

Call the friendly team at Whitsunday Holidays on 1300 653 997 to book your next Hamilton Island holiday.

*Buggy complimentary at all of Whitsunday Holidays listed properties with only one exception – Whitsunday Apartment 1302