Discover the Charm of Hamilton Island: Your Perfect Domestic Getaway

Discover the Charm of Hamilton Island: Your Perfect Domestic Getaway

As international travel destinations like Bali and Fiji welcome back visitors, you might be wondering why you should choose a domestic escape to Hamilton Island instead. While the allure of overseas adventures is tempting, Hamilton Island offers a unique blend of convenience, beauty, and unparalleled experiences that make it a top choice for your next vacation.

What makes Hamilton Island unique besides its extraordinary island beauty? Can you guess? Here are the top 5 things visitors to the island often find surprising, including the one special touch that our guests love most.

The Favoured Mode of Transport
There are a few trade vehicles and courtesy buses allowed, but it’s golf buggies that are synonymous with Hamilton Island. We love them because it keeps the island free from petrol fumes and engine noise. Kids adore them because they are golf buggies! They’re also a great way to climb to the top of the island at a leisurely pace.  If you book one of our listed properties, a golf buggy is complimentary (or 2 in some cases)!

It’s Like a Small, Contemporary Village
Village life. Island life. The two go hand in hand. The fact that Hamilton Island has all the facilities that you would find on the main land sets it apart and is one of the most appealing features for long stays.  You’ll still have the convenience of a bakery, post office and medical services, with a variety of restaurants, bars and dining options overlooking the azure sea. It gives the island a relaxed, contemporary feel.

The Special Touch Our Guests Love
It’s the first impression so many of our guests comment on, the fact that when you step out of the airport there’s a valet waiting for you. Skip lightly past the line-up for the courtesy bus and step inside your private transfer to be whisked away without fuss to your accommodation.

Everyone loves this special touch, especially families. It’s an exclusive service when you book through Whitsunday Holidays. We’ll have you sipping cocktails in no time!

One of the Worlds’ Most Beautiful Beaches
There’s a raft of things to see and do on Hamilton Island but one of the must-do items at the top of your list should be to walk on Whitehaven Beach. Not only will you push off from Hamilton Island into the Coral Sea and its amazing islands, you’ll arrive at the breathtaking shores of world famous Whitehaven. Nothing compares to the sight or the feel of its snowy sands under your feet.

It Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune
Many tropical island idylls in the world can be small and exclusive, with a hefty price tag to match. But not Hamilton Island. The beauty of the island being a central hub affords us the luxury of being able to offer a complete range of accommodation styles and locations. We can help you explore the options.

Ready to discover or revisit the unique nature of Hamilton Island?

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