Celebrate Special Occasions On Hamilton Island

Celebrate Special Occasions On Hamilton Island

Your special birthday plans just got made!

Welcome back, Villa Illalangi

What a story the “House on the Hill” has to tell. High on the island, exposed to all that beauty, the home fell victim to tropical cyclone Debbie in 2017. Forward 2.5 years and 3 million dollars later, and Villa Illalangi has reclaimed its stately position amongst the most desirable destinations on Hamilton Island. For us, it’s a welcome return to one of our most popular homes with travelling groups and families celebrating a special occasion.

Beauty restored from on high

On our return inspection recently, we felt excited by the new Villa from the moment we set eyes upon the statement entrance. The interiors, the exteriors, nothing disappoints. It’s perfect for an island celebration amongst friends. Hang out and enjoy the tropical island paradise you’re staying in.

What’s not to love?

To make a special occasion home work, you need space. Villa Illalangi spreads out over four luxurious levels. The new interiors are contemporary to the max, architecturally designed to accommodate everyone comfortably any time of the day or night. The expansive upstairs lounge area has ample seating overlooking the balcony overlooking the pool and tropical gardens below. The covered dining area has stunning water and island views. The downstairs lounge, bar and bathroom lead directly to the deck and pool. The pool and gardens are maintained by the villa’s (and your) Personal Manager Hans, who will share island information with you and help plan trips if asked.

Private and luxurious

Villa Illalangi’s new bedroom suites combine style and comfort with bathrooms that pamper the senses. If you love a great kitchen, hello from this superb Villa, completely kitted out with the platters, the appliances and the bench space to cater for any occasion. Take a look at the view from the kitchen.

Each morning, there is room for recovery around the Villa’s azure pool, looking out to the Coral Sea islands stretching clear to the horizon. The pool area is made for drinks at sunset, midnight dips under the starry sky and endless days of fun for kids.

Island life outside the door

If you can tear yourselves away from the home comforts, the golf buggies parked in your garage are an invitation to go explore the island, its bars and restaurants. Hamilton Island Marina has tours departing to the Great Barrier Reef and sunset tours that deliver real magic. Ask us about the pick of the tours at this time of the year.

A glamorous hug

While Villa Illalangi has an air of glamour about it, it is typically tropical Australia – welcoming and accommodating in a free-to-be-yourself kind of way. For anyone scouting a unique place to mark a milestone moment, your plans just got made.

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