Introducing Victor Island - Your Own Private Whitsunday Island

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Introducing Victor Island – Your Own Private Whitsunday Island

Let’s just begin by drawing a line under the rarity of this experience. A private island in the Whitsundays – the only one we know of – that encompasses every bit of the term ‘ultimate escape’ that you can think of, but well within reach of your budget. Just a few kilometres off Australia’s northern coast, Victor Island is hands down one of the best exclusive tropical island holidays you would ever want to have.

What we love about Victor Island

victor island whitsundaysIt’s downright economical when you descend on it in a group of some kind – family, friends or special occasion guests (currently around $187 per person in a group of 8 which is great value). That’s not to say that the facilities are below par, far from it.

Victor Island accommodation is a renovated 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom island home, spacious, with high ceilings, open plan living, entertainment decks and a designer kitchen with modern appliances. Foxtel, Internet and 4G WiFi are all enabled.

The unspoilt habitat. One of the best things about Hamilton Island is the beauty of its pristine nature. The Coral Sea, the tropical Australian landscape and birdlife are what everyone loves about the Whitsundays. But having that environment all to yourself on Victor Island – the walking trails, the beach, the magnificent sunsets, humpback whale sightings, giant turtles laying eggs on the beach if you’re especially blessed – it’s all just so much more exciting and unique when it’s just yours to cherish.

All the treasures gifted you by the Coral Sea are yours to sift through on your own private beach

You’d have to say that the fire pit of an evening is one of the highlights of the island. Sharing stories of the day while the island waters lap rhythmically to the starry starry night takes a lot of beating. But being able to explore at any time of the day or night, your own island paradise, is really special. Pick through shells on the beach at first light. Take the fishing tackle and go fishing for Australia’s famous wild barramundi and red emperor. Snorkel the azure water or glide over it in the private kayaks. Turn down the volume of life and really live.

Your own private caretaker

After shopping for your supplies in balmy Mackay (own private island – own supplies, but all the basics will be there), simply take them and your entourage to the Marina. The island caretaker will meet you and escort you directly to the island (boat transfers are included). The island’s caretaker keeps the gardens and environment in pristine condition and is a knowledgeable and expert lifeline in case of emergencies.

We are proud and excited to be offering Victor Island, a private island Whitsundays experience – rare and exquisite.

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